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Welcome! I`m Lina, an award winning reportage wedding photographer based in Cologne, Germany. Looking around my site you might have already noticed a slight lack of dramatic sunsets and poses, accurately arranged cutlery and brideless wedding dresses hanging down from trees. So what`s that all about?

Well…my approach to wedding photography is a natural, unposed, unpretencious one.  Call it documentary wedding photography, reportage or even wedding photojournalism… Actually I just want to capture your celebration of love as it happens; you two lovebirds surrounded by your loved ones, a gathering of human connections and interactions. I prefer to look for all the small, meaningful quiet or quirky moments and capture them with humour, kindness and an artistic eye for details, light and layers, rather than setting up stiff and awkward scenarios, which lack …your personality. I believe that individuality shines when it`s “untouched” , true emotions and honest expressions are at their best when given the chance to unfold and actually to happen; without commands. That it`ll be those tiny unseen moments of your wedding day you`ll keep returning to and looking at with a smile as the years pass by.

I want to capture your wedding just as it is; a magnificent celebration of your individuality and your love …joyful, unposed and relaxed, with a cheeky smile and an artistic eye on details, little stories, big emotions and unposed moments.

Relaxed wedding reportage at the Brauweiler Abbey
Destination Wedding UK
Natural wedding photography Cologne
An indian-german wedding reportage

You are two creative, spontaneous, down to earth love birds. You love life how it is and want to celebrate your love exactly like that: real moments, unscripted laughing, crying …chaotic sometimes but true and honest. You want wedding pictures that reflect you, without clishees, templates or this wedding seasons “Must Haves”. A wedding reportage, which doesn`t imitate  wedding magazine wonderland, but captures and celebrates the individuality of your love and life.

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Every wedding is Unique. So are You.

That`s why I believe your wedding day day deserves to be captured as a full story from  morning preps until the wild party in the evening.

However, if you`re planning a more intimate and smaller wedding celebration or you want a certain portion of your wedding day to be captured, don`t hesitate to contact me for a individual quote. No wedding ist to big or to small and I`ll be more than happy to hear your story.

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I`m a reportage wedding photographer based in Cologne, who loves to capture individuality and moments. See me as a  photojournalist at your wedding, rather than a wedding photographer with the latest “Must Have” poses in his magic suitcase.  I`m not a fan of conventions, trends or gadgets , which means that your wedding day will be a honest and unposed documentation of everything that happens, from the smallest moments to the biggest hugs, but I  won`t set up or repeat situations, which lack emotions and personality. My approach to wedding photography is unpretentious and far away from wedding industry formulas or templates. Simply because I believe that individuality and emotion are too beautiful and precious to be imitated.
Flowers, shoes, location… these are things. Things that lose their importance over the years; your memory of how your wedding day felt, smelled and tasted like will become more prominent and the only way to go back to that day and put a smile in your face, will be your wedding pictures.
Reportage wedding photography does just that: it tells a comprehensive and honest story of your wedding day without interrupting it`s dynamics.

Light, composition and timing coming together at the right moment, make a good wedding picture. If this image has the ability to evoke a certain feeling or even a small emotion, a memory has been captured.  I look for those frames; little gestures, funny or  silent moments, situations filled with layers. As a documentary wedding photographer in Cologne the most important part of my work is to keep the fluency of your wedding celebration as untouched as possible. I won`t ask you or your guests to repeat a situation, I won`t take you away from your guests to visit 10 couple shot locations. I will be a silent observer, staying close to the action. If you don`t notice me at all, we`ve done everything right.

I don`t believe in perfection nore the “10 Must Have Shots” of wedding magazines. I will document all the moments, emotions, laughter and tears in a natural and unposed way, but I wont copy a Pinterest board or the same old poses and drown it all in a brown vintage filter, because … you are unique, your love and your wedding day is too; and you and your celebration do deserve to be captured in a unique way, without a label on it but filled with timeless memories.  That`s why I keep portrait sessions short. Take it as a small 15 minute break, when you`ve cooled down and relaxed, let`s put you in a nice spot at your wedding venue with some sweet, flattering light and have fun. I don`t want you to see the portrait session as an obligation, see it as an cheeky escape from the “wedding day madness”. And I promise we`re right back before anyone notices you`re gone.

I won`t hang your wedding dress from a tree or look for the best light to capture your wedding rings, because I believe that they look better on you …it`s you who bring those things to life.
Flowers, wedding cake, venue and decoration, all the small details you`ve been working on so hard, will find their place in my documentation of the wedding day captured in context to you as I find them, underlining the individuality of your day.

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